Ideal Body Image offers specialized physical therapy services in Georgetown, Texas. If you're struggling with muscle pain or weakness, our trainers will work with you to ease your symptoms, increase your strength and mobility and achieve your ideal body.

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Learn about treatment options for bone spurs

Learn about treatment options for bone spurs

Many of our physical therapy clients seek out our services to help them manage bone spurs. Although it's not a cure, physical therapy can reduce your...

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Immobility

When you come to Ideal Body Image, you'll learn how to strengthen and tone the muscles around your bone spurs to help control the symptoms.

Don't let painful bone spurs rule your life. Come to our Georgetown, TX location ASAP to start building a natural defense against them.

Red Light Therapy

We also use red light therapy to relieve hip and joint pain. This is a similar process when burning fat with red light therapy. We recommend using red light therapy once to twice a week for approximately twenty minute sessions to relieve your pain.

Shock Wave Treatments

Have tight muscles that are causing you pain? Shock wave therapy uses acoustic sounds and rhythms to release tight muscles resulting in more relaxation and comfort. Shock wave treatments are a leading treatment for planters fascistic. Call us today for more details or to schedule your appointment.

Now offering Diowave Laser System treatment services.