Fresh Face, Fresh Outlook

It's inevitable, the aging process, but it's not final. Medical science now has ways of regenerating tissue, by stimulating the body's own weapons to convert the wrinkles and insults of age to a youthful appearance.

Before you resign yourself to looking old, consider this: The simple facelift has evolved into a veritable beauty make-over.

You've seen those women on TV, and you know they are your age (or older!) and yet their face seems ageless. How do they do it? For starters, they have access to the most sophisticated doctors and treatments in the world. Now you can enjoy the same access! and the same, amazing results!

What is Babyface XO Facelift?

You may have heard about technology such as PRP (platelet rich plasma), which uses the body's own platelets for rejuvenating skin. Babyface XO incorporates PRP and microneedling, as well as more advanced (and tested) techniques, to restore youthful firmness and lustre to your facial features.

Our clinical specialist Dr. Yohe is familiar with MSC exosomes, which is used to help heal wounds by shuttling proteins as to the damaged tissue; amnion (tissue from the umbilical cord- as fresh as it gets); Class IV laser therapy, to reduce inflammation and speed skin recovery.

Babyface XO is a unique blend of these state-of-the-art technologies.

Why Choose Babyface XO?

Of course you see claims on the Internet and on TV about facial restoration. Why should you choose Babyface XO over these hyper-advertised products?

Our clients confirm that Babyface XO gave them the look they wanted. It's non-surgical- i.e., doesn't force you to hide your face for days or weeks. Plus it's gradual. You will not look 30 years younger after the first treatment, but each subsequent monthly session gives you more of the youthful image you desire.

Instead of hearing, 'What did you do?' you'll hear,
'Wow! You look wonderful. Have you adopted a new lifestyle?'

Why is it Different?

Babyface XO is a proven way to dial back the clock and restore your appearance. It does not result in a dramatic- going from age 50 to 20 overnight- change.

Babyface XO facelift employs the most advanced medical technologies for tissue regeneration.
In other words, it's a combination therapy using all the tools developed in just the past few decades- not just old-generation fixes.

Art and Science

Technology alone is worthless unless it is in the hands of specialists who have the skills and know how to employ them.

At Ideal Weight Loss, our medical specialist Dr. Yohe trained and practiced at the best institutions. She knows what her patients expect- nothing less than skillful care and sensitive treatment.

For the sake of our patients, who have a good deal of life and love left to give, we take the time and the care to help them make life-changing adaptations. We feel your good health; your energy and vitality should be visible on your face. In today's world, why settle for less?

Expect No Less Than You Deserve

If you've been wondering how you'd feel if you looked 10-20 years younger, wonder no more. You can look as young as you feel. You can remove 20 years of work and play from your face.

You've been careful to craft an image of yourself that gives you dignity and pride. Why should your face let you down? The technology is available; it's proven; it works; it can work for you.

Don't wait another day to start feeling your younger, more vibrant self!

Contact us today and find out what we can do to make you feel good- really good- about yourself.

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