If wishes and willpower were enough to remove stubborn fat and replace it with toned muscle, you wouldn't be here. It's time for you to start enjoying the body you've always wanted. Ideal Body Image offers body contouring services in Georgetown, TX.

You can choose between truSculpt and truFlex services, depending on your goals. You've lost enough time to dieting and exercising. So you'll love the fact that these noninvasive treatments take just 15 minutes per session.

Learn more about truBody

Learn more about truBody

You have two options with truBody body contouring services. These are:

  • truSculpt: Burn away unwanted body fat using heat.
  • truFlex: Stimulate muscle without wasting hours at the gym.

During your initial consultation, we'll talk about your goals and timeline. Then, we'll schedule your first appointment.

Are you ready to start enjoying the body you deserve? Then call 512-567-3592.